Bella Terra Campania

Recapture the spirit of the fertile countryside in this soft, comforting collection. Campania’s rounded, feminine lines seem made to soothe away the strains of a hectic world—the perfect setting for comfort food or a hot, calming beverage.

Color Dinner Plate, 10″ Salad Plate, 8.5″ Bowl, 8.5″ Mug, 15 oz
Light Dijon BT24575D BT24575S BT24575B BT24575M
Mocha BT24555D BT24555S BT24555B BT24555M
French Vanilla BT24554D BT24554S BT24554B BT24554M
Stormy Blue BT24563D BT24563S BT24563B BT24563M
Stormy Grey BT24526D BT24526S BT24526B BT24526M
Thyme BT24527D BT24527S BT24527B BT24527M
White BT24528D BT24528S BT24528B BT24528M