Bella Terra Bella Casa

Bella Casa’s soft, restful earth tones are enhanced by crisp black accents and a smooth, satin finish that makes any house more beautiful, elegant, and inviting.

Color Dinner Plate, 11″ Salad Plate, 8″ Bowl, 5.5″ Mug, 14 oz
Chocolate BT22523D BT22523S BT22523B BT22523M
Dijon BT22524D BT22524S BT22524B BT22524M
Dusty Blueberry BT22522D BT22522S BT22522B BT22522M
French Vanilla BT22554D BT22554S BT22554B BT22554M
Stormy Grey BT22526D BT22526S BT22526B BT22526M
Thyme BT22527D BT22527S BT22527B BT22527M