Bella Terra Nerissa

Product Material: Stoneware
Technique: Reactive Glaze
Inspired by the meeting of sand and sea, Nerissa uses reactive glazes on organic shapes to conjure the effervescence of ocean foam gently sculpting speckled sand.

Color Dinner Plate, 10.625″ Salad Plate, 8.5″ Bowl, 7.125″ Mug, 14 oz
Blue Night Sky BT285251D BT285251S BT285251B BT285251M
Blue Summer Sky BT285276D BT285276S BT285276B BT285276M
Purple Lavender BT285322D BT285322S BT285322B BT285322M
Seafoam BT285230D BT285230S BT256230B BT285230M
Soft Blue BT285323D BT285323S BT285323B BT285323M
Soft Green Thyme BT285334D BT285334S BT285334B BT285334M