Geo Happy Milan

Product Material: Porcelain
Technique: Dinner, Salad, Bowl: Machine Print; Mug: Decal

It’s not just a plate — it’s art and entertainment for your table! Milan’s bold, friendly paint- splatter pattern marks you as a trendy hostess who’s willing to throw the rules out the window.

Color Dinner Plate, 10.5″ Salad Plate, 8.75″ Bowl, 5.75″ Mug, 13 oz
Night GH32031D GH32031S GH32031B GH32031M
Tangerine GH32029D GH32029S GH32029B GH32029M
Lemon GH320249D GH320249S GH320249B GH320249M
Turquoise GH320263D GH320263S GH320263B GH320263M
Candy Apply Green GH320250D GH320250S GH320250B GH320250M