Bella Terra Riva

Subtle, lustrous, pearlescent tones with earthy, dusty pastel shades that imbue Riva with a soothing warmth and distinctive flair.

Color Dinner Plate, 10.75″ Salad Plate, 9″ Bowl, 7″ Mug, 12 oz
Blue Pearl BT252232D BT252232S BT252232B BT252232M
Dijon Pearl BT252233D BT252233S BT252233B BT252233M
Grey Pearl BT252239D BT252239S BT252239B BT252239M
Sage Pearl BT252231D BT252231S BT252231B BT252231M
Seafoam Pearl BT252240D BT252240S BT252240B BT252240M