Geo Lola

A monochromatic kaleidoscope with debossed geometric highs and lows, rich in textural details. Whether you interpret its patterns as a collection of flowers, starbursts, or something else entirely, Lola encourages your imagination to freely roam in realms of wonder. Available at these online retailers:



Color Dinner Plate, 11″ Salad Plate, 8″ Bowl, 5.5″ Mug, 14 oz
Apple GE32833D GE32833S GE32833B GE32833M
Candy Apple Green GE328250D GE328250S GE328250B GE328250M
Corn Silk GE328273D GE328273S GE328273B GE328273M
Stone GE32882D GE32882S GE32882B GE32882M
Sea GE32834D GE32834S GE32834B GE32834M
Sprout GE32832D GE32832S GE32832B GE32832M
Colors Available for Sale
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