Bella Terra Barolo

With its shamelessly organic look and feel, Barolo invites you to embrace harmony with nature by enjoying flavorful, home-cooked creations. Rich earth-tone glazes highlight the deep texture of the underlying stoneware.
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Color Dinner Plate, 10.75″ Salad Plate, 8.75″ Bowl, 7.875″ Mug, 18 oz
Sage BT223236D BT223236S BT223236B BT223236M
Dijon BT22324D BT22324S BT22324B BT22324M
French Vanilla BT22354D BT22354S BT22354B BT22354M
Mocha BT22355D BT22355S BT22355B BT22355M
Stormy Grey BT22326D BT22326S BT22326B BT22326M
Thyme BT22327D BT22327S BT22327B BT22327M
White BT22328D BT22328S BT22328B BT22328M
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