Meet Gaia Group: Our Director of Trend and Product

Jaime Mesner’s passion for design, the Earth, quality and functionality combine to bring trend-setting tableware collections to consumers across the U.S.


With roots in art, pottery and travel going back to her childhood, Gaia Group’s Director of Trend and Product Jaime Mesner brings her truly brilliant translation of earthen beauty to the organic tableware designs that are the company’s most sought after collections. From elegantly-designed dinnerware to earth-inspired bakeware, the 2017 Gaia Collections are garnering significant interest from industry-leading media publications and buyers across the nation.


Bella Terra Ravella, from Gaia Group USA

Jaime’s background in design began at an early age with her hobby of creating ceramics. “My hobby quickly turned to a passion and is one that I pursued throughout high school and college,” she explains. When Jaime graduated and entered the workforce, she became an Apparel Designer and worked for companies including Pelle Pelle, Dillard’s and Sears Roebuck & Company where she focused on surface design. When Sears Roebuck & Company established their home design department in 2004-05 it was a natural migration for Jaime as she assumed the role of Designer of Tabletop.

It was here that her true passion became realized as she designed all the branded tableware collections including their private label Ty Pennington Style. Throughout her years at Sears Roebuck & Company, research and development of color and trends was very important as it created the framework she would utilize to develop brand-specific products and trend aesthetic. “Creating brand identities and profiles is an aspect of the design process that I love. Building product for a brand is just as important as building the brand profile/identity and staying true to that vision.”

Geo Happy Collection, from Gaia Group USA

In 2015, Jaime became a member of the founding team for Gaia Group USA where she oversees the design development process from concept to production. Mesner’s inspirational color palettes and striking glazing techniques are on point with forecasted color and texture trends.

Some of the newest collections were showcased at the 2017 International Housewares Show in Chicago and reflected Jaime’s eye for artistic details and harmonious view of nature. With color and texture trends shifting from year to year, Jaime’s artistic vision for the company continually guides Gaia Group USA toward innovative and creative dinnerware collections.

Gaia Group USA at 2017 International Home + Housewares Show