How To Make A Mug A Perfect Gift

We love mugs here at Gaia Group. Though they may be considered an afterthought in some dinnerware sets, for us, mugs are an important part of the dining experience. Wrapping your hands around stoneware, warm with a creamy latte or fruity tisane tea, is a comforting joy whether you’re chatting with a friend or enjoying a book on your own.

World of Mary Blair Commuter latte mugs with appetizer plates and serving plate

Often overlooked, a beautiful mug alone or as a set makes a perfect gift for holidays or birthdays and as a way to say “thank you” or “get well soon.” With no sizes to worry about, aside from maybe the ounces they’ll hold, mugs are a one-size-fits-most item. Here are some ways to make mugs a holiday favorite to give or receive.

Tailor Your Number 
Even if mugs come in sets, you can make the most of the group by being thoughtful about how you split them up. If you are giving a gift to a couple, two mugs will be perfect, paired with some tea-for-two. For a work colleague, one mug will be just right for enjoying a beverage at their desk. For families, mixing and matching larger sets is a great way to go.

Gaia Group mugs in Thea, Frida, Serena, and Cady

Pair With A Treat
Fill your mugs with tea sachets, candies, or flight of coffee beans to personalize your gift for the recipient. You can also add a special teaspoon tied with a ribbon to the handle.

Add A Recipe
Use a pretty notecard and handwrite a tasty recipe, made just for cooking in a mug. Here is a recipe for a delicious Chocolate Mug Cake.

In one microwavable mug, combine and mix:
1 heaping TB flour
1 heaping TB unsweetened cocoa powder
1 TB milk or nondairy milk substitute
1/2 TB honey
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract.

Microwave 60-90 seconds and let cool. Enjoy!

Think Beyond The Beverage
Mugs are also lovely for more than just beverages or snacks. Prepare a mug with a succulent or a kitchen herb for a tiny tabletop garden that doubles as functional decor. Remember to add some stones at the bottom of the mug for drainage. Here’s an example of a live rosemary plant flourishing in our Bari mug.