Make A Harvest Tabletop with BHG Live Better and Gaia

Leaves are falling and we at Gaia are reaching for our wooly sweaters and wrap-around scarves. This time of year means juicy summer colors give way to earthy neutrals and richer hues in honor of the cooling temperatures. But designing a harvest tabletop doesn’t have to mean only seasonal browns or oranges. Bramley dinnerware, shown here in Blue Crackle Glaze, offers a comforting compliment to the autumn standards.


Bramley is designed and manufactured by Gaia Group USA for Better Homes and Gardens through their BHG Live Better line, sold exclusively through Walmart. It pairs beautifully with copper flatware and metallic trimmed glasses, as well as orange pumpkin bowls and ivory decor. This on-trend harvest tabletop is updated while still evoking a traditional spirit of the season.

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To bring the autumn indoors (without tracking in the leaves), consider some DIY decor. Burlap is certainly the fabric of the season, and you can use it in lots of place all over your home. Cut strips to create wraps on candles or napkin rings, make name tags for place settings with jute or twine, or use a larger piece as a table runner.

With hammered metallics and smooth woodgrains, glazed stoneware and crunchy leaves, try mixing and matching textures on your tabletop. Rustic details mixed with urban influence will make your harvest tablescapes unforgettable, and photographs irresistible.