Honoring Historic Women In Gaia’s 2018 Collections

Named for the Earth Goddess of Ancient Greece, Gaia Group USA is a dinnerware company created by women, for women. With gratitude to those who have inspired us, we have chosen to honor seven exceptional women from history throughout our 2018 collections. As your meals bring you together with family and friends, we hope these women continue to inspire conversation, creativity, action, and innovation.


Artemisia Gentileschi, Italian painter

Known for bold contrasts and dramatic themes, Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi portrayed powerful biblical heroines. In Artemisia, a satin matte black exterior is dramatically juxtaposed with the stoney look of speckled, rippled cream, creating an elegant but organic chiaroscuro.

Sappho, Greek Poet

The deep passion, love, and longing of the island poet is evoked in the rich jewel tones of Sappho. Sleek shapes with a speckled high-gloss finish are accented by the deep black interiors of the bowl and mug, suggesting the depths of the ocean, the cosmos, or the soul.

Abigail Adams, American Political Figure

This octagonal design in bright white is embellished with delicate embossed edges, nodding to the traditional influence and progressive spirit of Abigail Adams. A classic whiteware style is updated with an elegant, feminine twist.

Queen Amina, Hausa Warrior Queen

Named for the legendary Hausa Warrior Queen, Amina uses reactive glazes to add a shimmering quality to its bold black and ivory patterned surface.

Arwa al-Sulayhi, Yemeni Queen

Classic shapes combine with reactive glaze and a creamy, polished stone look in Arwa, named for the ancient Queen of Yemen, the first woman in all of Islam to be honored as the most holy person of her time.

Fatima al-Fihri, Tunisian University Founder

Named for Fatima al-Fihri, the founder of the world’s oldest university, still in operation in Morocco, this design evokes geometries from the natural world, such as honeycombs or fish scales. Reactive glazes enhance the deep textures and embossed rim of Fatima, giving raised areas the look of dark, raw clay coming through.


Jeanne d’Arc, French Military Leader

Named for the armored Jeanne d’Arc, this distinguished collection features a reflective dark bronze with an embossed radiating rim and delicately beaded edge.